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The peRSeverance 5K Run is an event hosted by Ryan's Call Foundation as the main fundraising endeavor for this 501c3 non profit organization.   This non-profit organization operates solely on the generous donations given by businesses and individuals.   Every dollar donated goes directly toward purchasing U.S. Coast Guard approved Life Vests, which is then donated to lakes, marinas, public pools, canoe rentals, as well as to individuals.  This is all to educate on the many dangers of the water and to help reduce the number of drownings that occur in this country every year.   We want there to be NOT ONE MORE life lost to drowning.


We also provided encouraging Care packages children and teens that are facing traumatic injuries due to sports or outdoor Recreational  accidents.  These packages are packed uniquely to their interests, and all help spread the message of perseverance and trust and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Ryan's Call Foundation is a federally registered 501c3 organization.   This means that all donations are tax deductible.   We can provide you with a receipt along with our tax identity number for any donation, no matter how big or how small.

Donations can be received at any time during the year, not just at race time.  We operate year round.

If you wish to make a financial donation you can donate online at this site, on the Ryan's Call Foundation website (,   in person or by Mail  (see contact page for mailing address).

This button will redirect you to the Ryan's Call Foundation's website-donation page

Thank you for your interest and for your donations and Support !

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